New Hotwheels

I was shopping around this evening for a few necessary items I needed and I was shopping around in the toy department and happened to walk by the Hotwheels section and decided to take a look at them since I have not bought any Hotwheels since I was a boy. I guess I was charmed by them again because I picked out 5 new ones that I thought were really cool and brought them home to hang on my wall in my bedroom. I hung them by my John Cena poster. Now I have to get 5 more sometime soon to hang on the other side. I guess you can say I am a kid at heart because I saw something else in the picture below that I really want….. It’s a Hero Factory Lego Witch Doctor set with over 300 pieces… WOW!!

I don’t really know anything behind the storyline of the Hero Factory characters. I do know that I feel just like a kid when I see these Lego sets. I already bought one of these before but I forgot which character it was but I do remember having a blast putting it together. This one is 30 dollars so it will have to wait on the shelf until I come up with the extra money.

Well I guess I’ll go back to being an adult again now for awhile and go find something to do now that I have made my childish needs and wants made public for the moment lol πŸ™‚

P.S. Click the images to see bigger ones πŸ™‚


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